Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday musings

Sometimes it is hard to believe these vistas are real. The mountains are constantly changing  in a dynamic dance with the clouds and sky. The sky evolves into new pictures minute by minute . Many would point out mostly hidden in clouds during the winter months. So I present to you a sunny day . The fields have started greening and under the green is some of the most beautiful soil I have ever seen. I have been ridiculed for loving the Earth beneath my feet. This is a special treat known as Creston Loam. There are only two other areas like this in the world according to my research. One in Russia and one I think in Illinois.


  1. this is quite beautiful... and land such as this demands barefeet (when the temps allow)... i sometimes feel disconnected when i am in heavy shoes for too long... so very happy you got a sunny day!

  2. There is a lot of work out that speaks to the benefits of walking barefoot to connect with the basic vibrations of the Earth. We just have to have heated socks waiting afterwards ; )

  3. Creston Loam sounds beautiful. I recently watched a documentary called 'Dirt! The Movie'- think you would like it. Made me want to get out into the garden and put my hands in the earth. :) So did this blog post!


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