Saturday, April 16, 2011



  1. The water looks cold...which I'm sure it is! Or maybe it is the snow on the side of the mountain!
    I have to ask...what is the person doing???
    Great shot regardless...

  2. Hello Laura...
    I tried to send you an email but it wouldn't open up so I'll respond here.
    I changed my gmail persona in case you didn't realize who it was...I forgot to do that with the first comment above.
    I just found a message from you waiting to be blogger does that every once in a while, not sure why... wanted to respond to the comment directly to you.
    Yes...isn't silver just awful...I just checked and it is $42.84...actually down a few cents from last week!!!

    I've been watching the price go up since the fall,as a consequence I've been buying and making less and less. Which is sad for me as I had plan this winter to for more in depth detailed silver work. I won't know until my shows begin how the silver prices will be received...having said that I did a small show this past Saturday and for the most part the silver prices didn't hinder sales!!! I has pleasantly surprised.
    Like you I've decided to give copper and brass a try...I've tried copper before, it did sell but there wasn't a great deal of interest. What I'm thinking of doing is adding a bit of silver to the copper, might have a greater appeal? I've just received the silver filled wire...I haven't had a chance to work with it but once I have I will do a post with all the details.


  3. Hi Heather, that is a bald eagle in the river. it is large yes?


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