Monday, May 30, 2011


I was standing on the bridge watching the water race by....

When I noticed a pair of harlequin ducks by the water's edge....
this is another version of find the duck in the picture, try
looking where the water meets the rocks

suddenly the pair was swept into the swift waters

Under the bridge and farther down stream , no struggle just going with the flow

 finally they had a chance to float towards the shore to the quiet waters
Harlequin Ducks are fowl that prefer fast moving cold water. They nest close to shore in well concealed areas. So far they are good. However I worry about their nest if they have indeed prepared one as the High Country snow has yet to come down. Let us hope they know this and have built on higher ground.


  1. Amazing photos...hopefully they instinctualy know where to build the nest???

    Enjoy the day...

  2. Those ducks know a lot more about white-water, than I do!


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