Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Feathered friends

Some of my favorite Turkey friends

Amazingly the turkeys do not see any danger in being in the middle of the road. A wise colleague of mine stated" you don't want your food to be smart." So I will continue to watch for the fowl and maneuver around them . This was a particularly fetching group.

Spring break up in the seasonal creek

Perhaps in the lower US winter does not have such a grip . This year in Montana we have had whopper snow that started November 17th and actually continued until April 29th when we had 4 inches. Before you send care packages of extra snow shovels and cherry pie Lara bars, know that it has since melted. So the arrival of the seasonal waters in the seasonal creek is a good sign. Snow melt this year will probably bring some flooding as the snow pack is generous.

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  1. Love your colleague's words "you don't want your food to be smart"!

    Turkeys can be very fetching...I do a Market on Fridays in the summer that takes me into "turkey" country...we never see them on the way home but around 7:15am on the way in...

    Flooding has been an issue this year, all over Canada and the US, we have minor problems here as well. There was so much snow this year it is to be expected...the one positive is last year the water level of our Lake Nipissing was extremely low allowing for much of the spring run off without flooding issues...for now. We will hope for the best for everyone!


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