Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rainbow Saturday

Mountain Brook

A most satisfying Saturday. With great confidence we have taken off the snow tires. The snow melt continues to feed the Mountain Brook as it swells to it's spring time volume. We had rain showers with some small hail in the afternoon mixed with spots of sun . After the hail storm the mountains were treated to a nice rainbow. Elusive to catch on the camera but it does show faintly.

Rainbow after the Hail storm

After a day of working on the house and running errands there is nothing better than getting cozy with a pot of coffee and the dogs at my feet. Quite nice! Hope you had a wonderful saturday!

The best part of the day ! A spot of coffee to warm the body and soul.

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  1. lol...sounds like you had a great day yesterday...the photos attest to that. Yes...the rainbow does peak through!
    I hope you spend today doing what ever makes you happy!!!


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