Monday, November 25, 2013

Guest Artist: JohnHunterDesigns

This is a pastel rendition ,by JohnHunterDesigns, of a photo ( below ) that I took in Glacier last summer looking north from Logan Pass  at the Continental Divide and the Garden Wall . The short flat mountain is Haystack Butte. My son John , who earned a Bachelors in Fine Art  , is a multitalented artist in many mediums. He is skilled at painting , pastels, print making, ceramics, pottery, framing and matting, and furniture making.
Pastel Glacier National Park Continental Divide by JohnHunterDesigns (with permission)

This was my original photo of the "Going to the Sun Road" . It is truly so beautiful that it almost does not look real.  It is snow time now but you can bet we look forward to the road opening next June. For more information on John's art please click this link to JohnHunterDesigns


  1. what a beautiful rendition of your incredible photograph. a talented son you have. oh, i meant to write something about the geese. bc i am near to water, i get to hear them through the night in their community. they seem to stay awake most of the night - probably bc of predators.

    1. I am always amazed at his talent . It seems unending and of course I am a bit biased. He won many honors in school . His most recent post is regarding his portraits he did for his brother's birthday.

      I love the geese . I love their sounds and their V formations . They are a very brave totem animal .


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