Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Long Dark

November and December are the Long Dark. The Valley is filled with clouds that come off of the Pacific currents and dam up against the Rocky Mountains. Days and weeks of variations of the shade of Grey. This is the stuff that sends the weak running for their sunny climes to the south and west of here.
 I was lucky to find a field with hundreds of Canadian Geese on the way home taking the back roads. I love the geese and their sense of community and family. I see harmony when I see these Geese. I see them feeding peacefully in a large crowd. No fights . Just pleasant calling back and forth across the fields. When they take to the sky you see more cooperation. Grand V's of strong geese flying with a purpose.

 The temperatures are hovering around freezing and a light mist freezes to the trees.
 Delicate frost is everywhere on the tree limbs. For the moment in time and temperature Nature creates art.


  1. how truly beautiful that is - yet i feel the chill even as i look upon it. the tracery of ice and the frost always makes me stop and gaze in wonder at the beauty that surrounds us. thank you for documenting your world -

  2. Ah you are most astute in thinking this is a chilly weather pattern. It is most damp in this semi arid area this time of year. The frosty art testifies to the humidity. The wood stove chases the chill though and I am grateful for it's warmth.


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