Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Artist Feature : The Storybeader

Today I am featuring the Storybeader as part of our promotion for Boot camp at icraft Deb is from Lawton Oklahoma . Oklahoma is home of the Western Band of the Cherokee and rich in traditional Native American history. I feel a connection to her work as I live close to the heart of the Eastern Band in Cherokee, North Carolina. I have appreciated the traditions of the area. In particular I noticed her Tipi treasure necklace with it's many interesting details. Another interesting feature of Deb's work is the Haiku or poem she writes for each of her pieces. This naturally leads to the beautiful handmade journals that she sells on iCraft. For more of her work please see her blog. Below is her interview for the iCraft Sellers Bootcamp! Please visit her Blog for more fine hand crafted items.

My name is Deborah Baroff. I was born and raised in New Jersey, lived in Florida, California and now Oklahoma, which has been my home for 29 years. I grew up in a close family, with lots of relatives visiting. My father was a sailor, for fun, so I grew up sailing. I love the water.

I received my BA in Humanities, and earned a Masters in Library Science. Yes, I'm a librarian, with an emphasis in special libraries. I've been working in a Museum in southwestern Oklahoma for the last 22 years. Needless to say, I'm love my job. I'm married, once divorced, with no children... except for my doggies. I love books and writing, gardens, visiting historic places and museums, and being on the computer. About three years ago, I decided I needed a creative outlet, so I started designing jewelry. I write a haiku for each necklace. My specialty is the treasure necklace. After attending a bookmaking class, I started sewing journals and sketchbooks, and believe this is my new creative direction.

Tell us about your shop.
My shop here is the Storybeader's Workshop. I've put a lot of thought into the name. I am known as the storybeader on other sites, and didn't want to loose my name recognition, so I decided to add workshop when I started sewing books. My blog, Stroll Through Storyland, fits both venues.

How did you get started?
Probably like a lot of other people, gift-giving.

What is your favorite item in you shop ?
I think it's the first journal I made on my own. That always happens... maybe because I'm so excited about starting.

What’s your favourite item that you have ever made ?
It has to be my Turtle Treasure Necklace. I love turtles and fetishes and color. This necklace has all of that, and more.

What's you most memorable sale?
Think I spoke about this earlier in the week, or maybe it was somewhere else... I had just posted a necklace on a different online selling venue. A woman saw it, and said she couldn't live without it, in so many words. The sale took about 30 minutes, from being put online to being sold!

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
Nature and color. The covers of my journals and sketchbooks have to be something I enjoy looking at, but I want them to be functional. Then, I do have a book of haiku floating around in my head....

Tell us about a favorite designer.
I've met a lot of great jewelry designers. One of my favorite, when I was just starting out, was Eni Oken. She first taught me wire wrapping, and if there's anyone out there who wants to learn this technique, Eni has loads of lessons you can buy online and download. Very thorough and easy to understand.

What's your favorite color.
Blue, no doubt about it. The color of water, turquoise, and the sky on a nice day!

What's your favorite room at home? Why is it your favorite?
My living room, that really serves as my workshop and office. Lots of windows, the front door (and back door) are close by, my computer and tool room, bathroom and kitchen.... yes, I have a small house!

Do you have a (your product) tip you'd like to share with readers?
There's a number of things I would tell a person sewing paper together; act deliberately and carefully; never underestimate how much paper you need to wrap your book covers, and sew with waxed thread.

What are your (upto 5) favorite blogs or website? (outside yours or icraft)? -
wow! that's a hard one. I have so many. OK, I have a lot of etsyblogger teammates, so excuse me, my friends, but three favorites
1) Two Zany Zebras - Mama Z has the cutest stories about her family's escapades.
2) Coffee Pot People - a sole sister, I love her sculpture and photographs
3) A Keeper's Jackpot - she takes me hiking with her into the mountains
I've met a number of bloggers through EC that I love to read:
First Door on the Left ( my current political fix)
The Photographic Aspect (absolutely Beautiful photography)

What are your (upto 5) favorite magazine(s), and or book(s).
My favorite book from childhood is Charlotte's Web.
One of my all time favorite authors is James Michener - I think the first book of his I read was The Source. I'm in a women's book club now, and some favorite recent books are The Dollmaker, A Midwife's Tale, and The Widow's War.

What do you do to relax and unwind?
Walk. I'd rather walk in the woods with friends, or in a park. But I walk at the YMCA too.


  1. wow - the necklace is very striking against the black background! Thanks for the feature. {:-Deb

  2. Yes I think the "Tipi" is quite photogenic !

  3. What a great story about Storybeader! And I am so proud of you to have used one of your homework assignments as a really interesting story in your blog! Awesome. Cheers Christine

  4. What an interesting and unique necklace, really very lovely! Great feature about the designer.



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