Monday, November 2, 2009

Walking with the Moon

I have an unsatiable liking of the Moon, especially as it becomes full and graces us with so much reflected light in the still night. Walking quietly with the dogs ( they are quite stealthy) at first I feel it must be a UFO with such brightness on the horizon.

Then I notice that no , it is our lady of the night, once again sharing her brilliance for our pleasure this evening . Reasssuring us with her light that no coyotes will jump out of the bushes this time.

And then when she seems so distant, round and cool, she decides to be playful and hide behind the trees. Goodnight Moon!


  1. great shots! i love the moon too - so much myth surrounding it regarding the feminine...

  2. Walking the dogs during the full moon is such a treat!And yes the changable moon, gives us options to morph with our feelings!

  3. I was thinking of doing the same last night, the moon was nearly in my hands!

  4. Love the shots of the daughter and I watched the moon Sunday evening on our trip home from the show! It always fascinates me...


  5. Well it is amazing how quickly the moon rises when you are running back to the house with three dogs, I knew I couldn't take pictures while holding onto the dogs ( over 100 pounds all together) so I had to get them back to the house and then jog back down the road by myself hoping I would not have to out run the coyotes. My My what adventures!


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