Sunday, November 1, 2009

Earrings: A good afternoon

Well those of you who lead double lives know how much one part can obliterate the other. It has been 8 weeks since I have had the space to create, totally itching fingers, September was devoted to professional needs ( my left brain hurts) then vacaion , and the recovery period. So finally some new items to list on Etsy, 1000Markets, Artfire and iCraft. Please see links to the side as I am crosseyed and will come back later to hyperlink. ( ok all you fast computer people quit laughing ) Wishing you a wonderful week filled with peace and happiness.

From top left : labradorite, fine silver,garnet,glass midnight bead ; peace earrings with garnet, moonstone, color change merlot sterling ; Radiantmind handblown beads in blue, raku, amber on sterling ; peace earrings in onyx,garnet,natural chalcedony on sterling ; Earthy sterling peace earrings in warm Agates.


  1. i loooooooooooove the two towards the left - nothing against the others, but they are so my colors! they look like cathy dailey peace symbols!nice job on them all... i will accept your wishes for peace and happiness and bounce them back to you as well...

  2. good eye Marie! I love to browse threw her extensive shop! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. lovely earrings. You sound as spread out, on the internet, as I am. Nice to meet you, and see you in bootcamp! {:-Deb

  4. Your earrings are lovely...great color combos!


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