Saturday, November 28, 2009

Water Spirit

A good day to visit the water spirit. A walk up Deep Creek in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.

Looking across the water above the first bridge ( Deep Creek Trail)

Never Ending variety of Sun and Ripples

Tom Branch Falls winter bare

Devil's Dip ( a place of green water )

Long view of Deep Creek that starts 14 miles upstream at 5000 feet Near NewFound Gap


  1. Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. these are just beautiful... i love the sound of moving water... i always long to visit when i see these!

  3. Thank Lost Earring , I love the water , and I am also a " Horse " person but with more miles on me. Thank you Marie, you should plan a weekend , Deep Creek has great family camping, a nice place to park your car and put up the tent, not very crowded but not so isolated that you are looking over your shoulder for a bear ; ) Also plenty of local places to stay if tenting isn't in the plans. We are not on the Tennesse side so it is a bit more low key .

  4. These shots are gorgeous...anything to do with water draws me, always has!!!


  5. I hiked a lot in the smokies...just loved it. I hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  6. ...I wish I could have been on this walk with you. Lovelove, JSL

  7. Beautiful shots and what an incredible time you must have had. Water is so soothing.


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