Sunday, November 22, 2009

A stop on our drive up the Going to the Sun Road. Road work up high stopped traffic at Avalanche Creek, walking out on the Creek Bed a couple of hundred feet over water smoothed pebbles to say hello to the Water Spirit. Since it was Fall the water levels were low, allowing me to stand on ground that becomes a raging stream of snow melt in late spring.


  1. My home fronts Lake Nipissing and in the fall the water is drawn down manually a great deal in order to prevent flooding in the spring...I see your Creek takes care of itself! You certainly live in a wonderfully picturesque location!!!

    I do have to talk about saying hello to the "Water Spirit" there a special reason for someone to be drawn to water?


  2. Beautifully tranquil photographs.
    In many cultures there is a belief that all things have a spirit or an energy from sky to forest to fire and water. The native American Indian is at one with and respectful of those forces.

  3. Well I agree, that there is a live spirit in all things, especially water which like air is a necessary life force that keeps us healthy, so it is my practice to always say "hello" and thank you when I come across a new body of water or stream . It connects me to the Earth that bears us graciously upon her back . I truly see the creative spirit in all things. Life and the divine mystery is truly all around us.


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