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Have you ever noticed certain preferences for different coloured gems? Everything in life has a vibration , a wavelength if described by physics. In metaphysics each stone is considered to have properties that help with healing, protection and balancing a person's energy. This is one of the reasons I enjoy creating with genuine stone including the turquoise pictured. This is sleeping beauty turquoise in the classic robin egg blue and also in the rare green. Silver is a wonderful feminine metal that enhances the vibrations of other gems. Handmade glass which is a silica base is also full of energy. Below is a sampling of vibrations as summarized from Melody's book " Love is in the Earth". There are many books that describe the properties of gems and stones. This information can enhance your creations and choices in colour and gem combinations.

Amethyst: the stone of contentment and tranquility, it facilitates movement of energy from the lower to the higher chakras

Ametrine: A combination of citrine and amethyst equilibrates the physical with the vibration of our perfection, it releases negativity and balances the male and female energy,

Andean Opal , Pink : stimulates and activates the heart chakra, renews the relationship between the universe and self, it is the stone of nonviolence and teaches love , releasing and purifying the heart

Aquamarine:Shielding and protecting,the stone of courage, it enhances the intellect, balance and order

Carnelian : promotes peace , encourages harmony, dissapates anger.

Chalcedony : balances mind body emotions and spirit, It is a sacred stone to the Native American Peoples.It encourages a generous nature and good will .

Citrine: will not hold negativity, encourages wealth, balances and aligns the chakras with the more subtle etheric planes

Garnet: is the quintessential stone of health , it is sacred to Native American peoples. It increases personal freedom and respect

Iolite: the stone of the third eye and astral travel, allowing change without pain

Kyanite:Never needs cleansing, it is one of the best attunement stones, aligning all the energy bodies

Kunzite: the stone of Divine love and joy, heals the heart

Labradorite: Contains the evolved galactic energy of other worlds. It is the "temple of the stars " promoting understanding of our present destiny

onyx: Decreases grief, it helps to absorb the energy from the universe that are needed. It facilitates wise decision making. Cleansing for the intuitive centers and opens those centers to new opportunities

Ruby Zoisite: Increases activity, changes negative energy to positive ,producing more positive from the negative. it is a vehicle for altered states, amplifying psychic states

Silver: A fluid feminine energy that acts as a subtle catalyst energizing the stones it accompanies.

Spinel: Ruby family, strengthens the awareness of your heart and it's connections. Encourages love

Sugilite:Is the stone essential for this time , demonstrating love and manifesting our Earth plane energy, flowing from the crown to the base chakra opening the question to " Why am I here?"

Tourmaline:Stimulates the chakras , according to the color of the stone. balances the mind, decreases fear, increases understanding and self confidence

Turquoise: The stone of the shaman, spirit healer, encourages wisdom, trust and kindness

Source: Love is in the Earth, Kaleidoscope of crystals update, By Melody, 2003


  1. fabulous post... i love working with specific stones and metals as well... i have to check out this source... i would like to see what it says about copper... i know it has inherent healing properties, be i found it interesting that silver was specifically called a feminine metal...

  2. Great post about gemstones and their chakras.

    Turquoise is so pretty. I recently saw some top AAAgrade Sleeping Beauty Persian blue (aka robin's egg blue) it had no matrix in it at all,was lovely, and yes the price tag on it was way up there! Made me decide that perhaps I like the turquoise with all its matrix best as it is a whole lot cheaper...not that any of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise is cheap. =D

  3. Thanks Ladybugs ! Most turquoise is stablelized and affordable, the truly natural turquoise is picey in its au natural state. But that is hard to come by as there is so little available.

  4. O, what a lovely post and so instructional. I am always very curious about such things!



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