Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Good Bye Solstice

Solstice from the latin ( sol = sun ) and ( sistere = standing still ) . I know I am glad I took latin now .I am glad another solstice has come and gone, the best part is the days are getting longer and that is something to celebrate. It is the return of the life giving light of the Sun. It is totally amazing to sit in an astronomy class and take in the whole celestial mechanics of seasonal change. The complex dance of the Earth's tilt, revolution about the Sun,and the Milankovitch cycles. Gazing at the night sky I realize the complexity of the dance of the heavens and how our lives depend on it's orderly steps.


  1. i love how you write and what you have to say... so poetic and thought and expression... thank you for sharing yourself...

  2. Wonderful photos...I look forward to those mountains, that blue sky!!!

    I do agree with Mairedodd...you have such a way with words and thought...

    I too am happy for the days to get longer and the light of the sun!!!

    All the best to you and yours...

  3. what beeeeeeaaaauuuutiful photos.... some serene majestic moments, lovely Laura, thanks so much for sharing ♥


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