Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowy Saturday

Driving down town by the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad, quiet now but later lots of people will be in town to ride the train.

Clouds swirling around the 4000 foot ridges of the Alarkas, always a dynamic corridor and lots of cloud movement.

Looking towards the Great Smoky Mountain Park and the icy peaks, the sun peeking thru is perfect.

Heading into town, this always reminds me of living in a small Hobbit village.

Very happy water, we have had an abundance. The Juneywhank water shed as it flows down to the larger creek.

Icy Rhododendrons, one of the predominent species in the park.

The Beech is one of my favorite trees especially in the winter, the leaves remain longer than any other and always makes a nice rustle as the wind catches them .

Always an old friend , Tom Branch Falls as it pours into Deep Creek, not as much snow down by the creek as the water still carries a lot of warmth from the mild Fall days we have had.


  1. i swear this is on my list of places to visit... your photos do the scenery such justice... and how wonderful to live near a hobbit town - all the more reason for me to come! we have lots of rhododendron as well - and i love their cold weather survival skill of curling their leaves to hold some of the moisture... and your special tree looks like it belongs in a book of fantasy - one where magical things happen and the energies of heroes are felt...

  2. I hope you come to see us some time , we can do lunch and a hike!

  3. I truly enjoy visiting to see what photo is up are a true artist when it comes to show casing your beautiful surroundings!!! The one heading into town would make a wonderful is a favorite of mine...although the Tom Branch Falls is pretty special...I seem to have many favorites :0)

  4. Thanks Heather, I am glad there is a way to share the abundant beauty of nature. Thanks for coming by!

  5. Your blog is such a beautiful place to visit! I love all of your pictures of the great outdoors. One of my favorites is the picture you took of the drive in to is such a quaint site and reminds me of a little Christmas village scene.


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