Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Pica and Skylar

Bob and Skylar

Pica ( in the box) and Bob the Cat lolling by the stove

No need to call 911, these guys are not in need of resusitation! Simply enjoying the wood stove. Yes all you greenies, the wood is seasoned, the stove has an 80% efficiency, and a catalytic converter. The wood was harvested from housing sites so it did not go to waste and no forests were stripped. My version of detaching from the Grid ever so slowly . Yes burning wood is messy , and crumbs every where with daily sweeping but it does allow you some local control over your heating source.


  1. Don't cats know how to relax??? I never tire of watching my cat laze around the house!!
    It made me chuckle looking at Pica, Skylar and Bob...what great cats name is Lilo...she was my grandsons cat, hence the name, but he couldn't take her with him when he moved 4 years ago so I inherited a year 1/2 old cat!

    Wow you know your wood stove "stuff"...the main reason I don't care for wood stoves is my husband used to get ours so terribly hot that all I want to do is sleep!!! Now he enjoys the wood stove at his hunt camp!!! :0)


  2. The art of heating is truly being one with your stove, I keep the house about 70 degrees F, less wood if it is going to be in the 50s and more if below freezing, you really have to get into a rhythm. but I like it. I am glad your stove found a new home before you were cooked.

  3. what a wonderful home you have... and you have such a great connection to everything... my cats would love the stove, my parents have one and they always would huddle around... in my house they follow the sun around! hope you enjoyed your day... i would love a potted tree! our yard right now is filled with full sized conifers... but our park system accepts them for the animals to use in the winter...

  4. My yard is slowly filling up , I try to get the dwarf size so things wont get too out of hand. ; )

  5. OMG, I had not met these cuties, looks like you run a hotel for kitties too. THey are lovely.

    : )


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